Complaint is the written statement of dissatisfaction addressed to an Insurance Ombudsman by a person who is a recipient of the services of the Insurance Ombudsman as specified in Article 2 (3) and (7) of Dec. 190/2006. The complaints do not include claims or compensation claims or simple claims related to the performance of a contract and the provision of information or clarification.
Receiver means a person who is deemed to be entitled to file a complaint with an insurance intermediary and who has already lodged a complaint, such as the policyholder, the insured, the beneficiary of the compensation and the injured third party.
Insurance Ombudsman means the person who carries out the activity referred to in Article 2 (3) and (7) of Dec. 190/2006.
Governing body means the decisive and executive, with the power of representation, the collective or individual body of the insurance intermediary, in charge of its general administration, as provided by the law on commercial companies depending on the legal form of the insurance intermediary. In sole proprietors the role of the governing body is the insurance intermediary itself.
Credit institution means the “credit institution” referred to in Article 3 (1) (1) of Law 4261/2014: an enterprise whose business consists of accepting deposits or other repayable funds and granting credit account "(OJ 575 Article 4 para. 1 (1))

a. to insurance intermediaries for all their business, both in Greece and abroad.
b. to insurance intermediaries based in a Member State of the European Union and the Single Economic Area (EEA), solely for their business in Greece, either on a statutory basis or with a freedom to provide services.
c. non-EU / EEA-based insurance intermediary branches in Greece.
When the complaint relates to the provisions of RIP 88 / 5.4.2016 on behalf of an institution referred to in Article 3 par.1 (22) of Law 4261/2014.


This policy is communicated to company staff and in particular to those who have direct contact with the insured or third parties.

  • Insured persons have the right to complain
  • adequate information for those claiming their rights.
  • communication with the person responsible for the effective investigation of the complaint.
  • keeping a register of objections and a related file and for any reason
  • data evaluation
  • providing information
  • investigation - report


A. Submission of a complaint
Any complaint is addressed to the company by fax at 215 5012571 or by registered letter to the address of the company Iassonidou 1-Elliniko, or by phone at 215 5005588, or at info@mediterrania.gr.
Complaints submitted to the affiliate network of insurance intermediaries should be reported immediately and electronically to the company.
Each complaint will be accompanied by a receipt indicating:
The name and signature of the person responsible for receipt, the time limit for the examination of the complaint.

B. Registration
An application can be filed using the form below:

Statement of Objections

The company maintains an electronic registration file.
The registration occurs the same day and a folder is created that includes:
Date of submission, personal details of the claimant, description of the claim, the insurance industry.

C. investigation, evaluation and resolution
After investigating and evaluating the complaint, if the complaint is immediately resolved, the claimant will receive information from the company within 3 business days. If the complaint requires further investigation then the company must notify the claimant within thirty (30) days and shall not exceed fifty days as the case may be. (B receipt)

D. archiving
Each file should contain the necessary documents for the examination, the date of the complaint, the details of the claimant, the written and reasoned response of the company, the course of the complaint and the date of filing of the file. (register of objections C)
E. Providing information

      • the company informs the complainant that activation of the objection mechanism does not interrupt the expiry of its legal claims.
      • the company informs the complainant of the principles to which it may resort to extrajudicial settlement of its complaint, such as:
        • The General Secretariat of Consumer www.efpolis.gr
        • Consumer Attorney www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr
      • In case of exemption from the RIP89, the company informs the insurance company about the full claim and indicates to the insured the communication procedure.


    The process is controlled by the management bodies. The Board is responsible for appointing an external partner to evaluate and monitor legal and / or operational risks.
    It is further stated that a complaint in the form of anonymous complaint will be recorded but not investigated.
    The person entitled has the right to request copies and to appeal to the competent authorities.
    The Insurance Ombudsman shall provide the Bank of Greece with any information or written information required to examine the allegations concerning him.